Mark offers anyone eager to learn an opportunity to acquire and improve their skills in posture, connection, movements and musicality.

Throughout his Tango journey, Mark Samuel participated and performed in diverse festivals within different parts of the world such as in Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. He also learned how to mature his technical elements and fluidity yet maintain and nurture his exclusive rhythmical style and musicality all together. 

Experimenting with new techniques and structures, especially during his visits to Buenos Aires, and mixing them with his smooth connection and musical interpretation, Mark developed his own framework and style which he exhibited in various Tango festivals and is keen to transfer it to other dancers as he is currently doing in Beirut, Lebanon. 


Throughout the years he spent in Germany and in Canada, Mark learned how to appreciate art and evolve by discipline in order to achieve excellence in musical interpretation and body movements. After coming back in 2004 and settling down in Beirut, he started contributing to the Lebanese and Middle East Tango scene and later on established ‘Milonga Lebanon’ to promote Tango in the region and help Lebanese & Arab dancers perfect their dancing capabilities.

Mark graduated in 1999 from NDU with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer & Communication Engineering and was granted the Alumni Recognition Award in 2012 for his professional achievements.

He holds a Euro MBA degree from Audencia Nantes School of Management since 2008 and was nominated for Audencia Alumni Award in 2013 under the category of 'International Career'.

He submitted his doctoral dissertation in International Management of Technology & Innovation in 2015 to receive his Doctorate from Grenoble School of Management.

Mark is a certified researcher in management science by Grenoble School of Management since 2012 and has a number of leadership & technical certificates from multinationals like Ericsson, NSN and Siemens; He is moreover expert on issues of learning and competence development. Accordingly he was invited to lecture as a guest speaker in different universities, inside Lebanon and abroad.

Member of Asociacion de Maestros Bailarines y Coreografos de Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires since 2012 - SOCIO Nro. 898